Announcing Product Design Contest Awards Winners

Release date:2017-08-01

The Most Marketable Product Award

Designer: Kejun Li

Rattles Toothbrush

Combination of rattles and toothbrush, encouraging children pay more attention to oral health.

Gold Award

Designer: Zixiang Lin

PUREEGG Pacifier Protector

This pacifier protector can quickly sterilize the pacifier in 5-10 seconds, which is safer for baby.

Silver Award

Designer: Kaiao Sang

Childhood in Tree-hall

The inspiration for the design is a fairy tale: when you have a secret that do not want to share, you can tell your secret to a tree-hall and it will keep the secret. The Tree-hall can record children’s childhood and be their company when parents are not around.

Bronze Award

Designer: Hao Wang

Multi-function Cradle

This is a practical and energy-efficient design. Multi-function Cradle can be used in different scenarios – cradle, baby stroller, shopping carts and more.

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