What’s New in CBME China 2018

Release date:2018-03-26

New Zones in 2018

In 2017, CBME China launched new zones with to cover non-traditional products. The Fine Food Zone, Fabulous Mom Zone, Play & Learn Zone and Outdoor Recreation and Sports Zone. This 2018, we further expand the coverage to cover “Smart Home”, “CBME Packaging” and “CBME Materials”.

Smart Home Zone

Smart Home Zone will cover smart home appliance, household brands and products for child care and family use, and more.

CBME Material

CBME Material will cover raw materials for baby diapers and wipes, including non-woven material, absorbent material, fiber, diaper related accessories, additives for personal care products and more. It will also feature production and processing equipment and technology.

CBME Packaging

CBME packaging will showcase modern packaging technology for the child, baby and maternity products, covering including packaging technology, packaging material, packaging techniques and more.


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