Shanghai retailing slowly returning to normal after coronavirus hit

Release date:2020-03-06

Article posted by Inside Retail Asia

Roughly a third of the 11,000 stores in Shanghai that closed for the coronavirus outbreak have opened for business.

Among the reopening stores is Starbucks’ largest global outlet, Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery, which attracted daily queues before the epidemic. The store, which counts as a tourist attraction in its own right, opened just one of its doors on Wednesday – although its air conditioner remains off.

All 57 Starbucks stores in the area have been working with officials to protect staff and customers as the outbreak continues. Half of the Reserve Roastery tables have been removed to keep customers at a distance from each other.

“Well on the way to containing COVID-19, Shanghai is gradually returning to normal,” reported  local English-language media Shine News. However, it said local residents are still taking precautions to protect themselves from infection.

“I feel like a vegetable after being stuck at home for so many days,” said one elderly customer. “I miss these butter cookies so much. But I’ve learnt from the news that we should take protective measures, so I’m wearing a mask and gloves.”

“It’s always of vital importance to keep a balance between epidemic control and resumption of business, so we have to provide a good service,” said Jing’an Market Regulation director Chen Ping.

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