Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Award introduction

The Entrepreneur of the Year is awarded to the individuals who have the prospective spirit of innovation, strong social responsibility or remarkable market insights and have made outstanding contributions to the children baby maternity industry this year.


Assessment procedure

Step 1: Application       Jan. – April. 2017  Application deadline: Apr. 30, 2017

Fill out the application form for application independently.

Step 2: Finalist  May – Jun. 2017

The hundred-expert jury gives the finalist according to the voting of the application list.

Step 3: Assessment  Jul. 19- 21, 2017

Show the nominee finalist on CBME site, the hundred-expert jury and visitors vote for the awards, and determine the awards list according to the voting results.

Step 4: Presentation of awards  Oct. 2017

Issue invitations for the 2017 CBME AWARDS Grand Ceremony, reveal the results and present awards on site.

Reward in return

Your information will be shown on the official website of CBME and more than 360,000 visitors can browse it.

The individuals winning the awards will be shown to 100,000 practitioners on the CBME official micro-blog and Wechat.

The individuals winning the awards will be propagandized in the Special Report of CBME AWARDS of CBME Micro Newspaper APP, which covers more than 130,000 industry elites.

The nominee finalist can be shown in the CBME AWARDS zone at the scene of CBME, making 85,000 visitors know about your information.

The individuals in the finalist and winning the awards will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony of 2017 CBME AWARDS China held in Oct. 2017.

Obtain the delicate trophy and certificate of honor for CBME AWARDS.

Awards generation

● Contribution: Be active in this year and make outstanding contributions to the children baby maternity industry.

● Excellence: The leading figures have higher industry influence and push the development of the children baby maternity industry through their own ideas and actions.

● Foresight: Outstanding figures who keenly master the industry development direction and lead the industry reform through studying the products, services and business models.

● Responsibility: Positively fulfill the social responsibility, adhere to the good moral and sense of duty,  and play a leading and demonstrative role in the children baby maternity industry.

● Innovation: Popular figures who gain prospective and innovative achievements in the exploitation of products and services, enterprise operation or team management and transforming them into economic and social benefits.

Evaluation period: May 2016 – Apr. 2017


Awards generation

The hundred-expert jury and the visitors at the scene of 2017 CBME China vote to confirm the final winners according to the nominee finalist, and the voting weight is: 70% by the hundred-expert jury and 30% by visitors on site.

Contact information

Please submit after filling out online and please consult if you have any question: Mr. He   

TEL+86 571 26895078